Veejay Agro Farms,. is the licensed owner of the website www.meat2meat.com. we sell our product under the brand-name of meat2meat.

We don’t procure meat … We are the producer… We are farmers !!

That’s why we say its as


If you want to order meat that is fresh and of great quality, then meat2meat is the best option for you! The meat that we deliver directly to your door with all its natural freshness & is never frozen before – it is fresh, cut as you like it and ready to be cooked as soon as we deliver it.

The professionals working for us have a lot of experience when it comes to cutting meat – they both cut it the way you want and preserve the great taste of meat. Our master butchers also carefully pack the meat as soon as they are cut, in order to preserve their freshness. Furthermore, the meat travels in a container that keeps constant cool temperature and keeps the meat tasty

What you don’t know is that when you buy meat in the supermarkets, it is usually preserved with lots of chemicals and that it loses it’s original taste we even provide the No Quibble Guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the meat ordered, we will provide a full replacement of the product ordered. The meat that we deliver the most are mutton and chicken – and there is a lot to choose from, since there are many. Once you order, it takes real artists which our butchers are to cut and deliver meat to you when it is the most fresh.

To sum up, the meat that we pick and process is according to the world standards and we claim that our service may be one of the top services in this industry – we deliver the meat fast and the prices are all affordable.

We offer 100% freshness guarantee and we truly believe in the quality of our products which means if you are not entirely happy with the meat, we will provide a full replacement of the product ordered.

1. Freshness Guaranteed every time.
2. 90 Min delivery.