What is Paleo Diet

What is Paleo diet ? What is the paleo diet? Good question! The paleo diet is a focus on eating natural, real food that is widely available with little or no processing. In other words, the paleo diet focuses on eating the way nature intended us to eat. Our current diet is relatively recent, as […]

Meat : Frozen vs Fresh.

     There are several questions that plague every cook when you’re out shopping for meat, “Do I buy frozen meat or should I buy ?”. “Which is better?”. “It’s convenient sure, but is frozen meat even healthy?”. “What’s the big difference between frozen or ?”. And then there’s the question of the price difference […]

Paleo diet foods (Paleo diet in Coimbatore)

Paleo Diet in India India follows largely a 3-meal per day pattern (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and knowingly or unknowingly, all the three meals are heavy; not an advisable thing to do from the health perspective. Hence, India is one nation that can benefit appreciatively by adopting a Paleo Diet. This ancient diet has tremendous […]